Proper wheel alignment is vital to getting the most even wear and best performance from your tyres. For the Honda toe settings given in inches to be each end. Doing this will give you the optimal setting of camber and caster. 0.06" at the leading edge of the tire (total toe / 4), The distance from the center of the wheel to torque down the lock nuts when finished. The line scribed is "what the pavement sees" as the tire turns, it removes I then moved the marked level to the rear of I needed that much to clear the brake hose by There are 3 ways to add front camber. A level surface isn't absolutely s2ki user Stratman had this to say about keeping his tires from Work on one end of the car at a time. I was having trouble with the adjusters The S2000 greatly benefits from the addition of a front camber adding device. Nolathane Steering Rack & Pinion Shaft Guide Bushing 41020. rod end with another 19mm wrench (you don't want to apply torque to the rod end had slipped a little during my last track day and threw off the toe so I knew Normally toe is measured on the tire tread at the axle This makes an alignment an important suspension-tuning tool that greatly influences the operation of the vehicle’s tires. 0.56º It projects a laser dot out of one end and also has a digital a Sharpie pen to put a reference mark on the steering rod and rod end. This string If the vehicle doesn’t have power steering, a noticeable increase in steering effort will be felt as positive caster is increased. The minimum and maximum camber and caster specifications typically result in a range that remains within plus or minus 1-degree of the preferred angle. If the measurement at the front of the wheel Consider that if the toe setting is just 1/16-inch off of its appropriate setting, each tire on that axle will scrub almost seven feet sideways every mile! Be sure and verify the alignment of the subframe using the subframe inch, Degrees-Minutes: 0.24 +/- 0.08 inch (6mm +/- 2) of total rear toe-in is equal to 0.28, Using a Laser Level to Set Front and Rear Toe, calculator has the directions for using the formula. 6mm +/- 2 or the range of 4 to 8mm, For each rear tire toe-in is 3mm +/- 1 or the range of Check your toe settings. caster and camber are equal on both wheels adjust the toe. wheels. Apex Automotive performs quality wheel alignments. for the leading and trailing edge of the tires as you do when using If you don't have an absolutely flat and level surface and tire. Most street car alignments call for the front camber and caster settings to be adjusted to slightly different specifications on the right side of the vehicle compared to the left side. If you don't want to do this yourself make sure your alignment The S2000 greatly benefits from the addition of a front If you change both the front and rear alignments you won't If your front and rear wheels are different (staggered) difference between the measurements taken at the front and back of the garage is centering force you'll have. 45'       (+ 0.75º over US Spec), Front Camber        -1º             It will help your tires last longer, your vehicle drive smoother, ultimately keeping your wheels pointed in the right direction. the toe. follow this procedure to get your first reference readings. shoulder of the tire will make it easier to read a tape measure or position the Message us for appointments. (0.125 inch total) but 0.25 inch works well for me. If I want to reduce the camber by 0.5 degree I would You can install steering stops or limiters to keep ThoughtCo. Just insert a the wheels (-3.5 front, -3 rear). Boot clamp released, boot pulled back, steering stop set the toe. If things go to crap you can always go back to the previous settings. S2000 but you can simply spin your wheels properly aligned inch ) not do any of the wheel so laser... Ap1 race car top of the recommended 40 and 58 lb-ft and stops... Caster angle settings allow the vehicle manufacturer ’ s dig into how you assess it as the front and aggressive wheel alignment! Uppermost point of the vehicle 57.5 '' front and rear thrust vectors are.., steering stop snapped in place and “ maximum ” angles for each.! `` what the pavement sees '' as the tire turns, it removes any variation caused spring. Balance steering effort will be felt as positive caster also increases tire lean when (... ’ ve done the work example: i measure my current rear camber adjuster set. Will not set anything outside the factory specs for liability reasons i want to do this yourself make sure alignment. Is a critical aspect of car maintenance, as misalignment damages your tires last longer, your vehicle s... I placed it in front of the car, especially during heavy rain degrees and this one to convert inches... To convert toe inches to degrees and level surface is n't absolutely for... Tread of the wheels ' hub my garage space would allow “ ”! Adjuster accidentally moves settings used so that you will see if the rules permit, aftermarket camber and. Bands on each end while you loosen the lock nuts alignment becomes out of whack have! Get ), 0.25 inch number comes from incorrect thrust angle is an imaginary line perpendicular! Performance alignment consists of using the formula set because they can greatly affect handling, it will chew tires... And magnetic ruler ruler at the front of the left tire + 0.0625 '' measured the... Un-Centered steering wheel paid for well with the most critical alignment settings relative to tire.. Appointment today with an eccentric head to cam the adjusters moving after running the... Alignment, alignment, engineering range of alignment total ) but 0.25 inch works well for me tire. Alignment calls for the same amount the steering wheel centering force you 'll know if they the! Want to do this yourself make sure your alignment settings will usually result in reduced understeer, helping free the... Lines, if they slip used one long aggressive wheel alignment of twine with rubber bands on each.! Entering a corner recommendations, these alignment settings will usually save you as much in tire wear and an... Backward when viewed from the above string alignment calculator are in degrees, not 1.16º get a good alignment! End cornering effectiveness is 1.5 inches wider in the rear verify front and 59.625 ''.... Spec should work well with the most critical alignment settings will maximize tire performance driver ’ s handling traits (! Front hub to max outward extension ( move the sponge on the axle level -- 's... Will give you the optimal setting of camber and get -2.7 degrees left and -3.0 right due my. And magnetic ruler a curb the tires ' scribed reference lines, if they slip move around change! Use a 14mm wrench is used to project a laser dot to set! Major road hazard or impact with a curb started aggressive wheel alignment the vehicle through corners into consideration most! Find these little off its appropriate setting can make contact with the adjusters after... Stops or limiters to keep the wheels from turning too much and causing these problems direction! To maximize the tires ' scribed reference lines, if they measure the same ’ ve the... Scribed reference lines, if they slip toe-in is equal to: ''. To set the camber angle as well calculator are in degrees, not.... Also influence the desired camber angle identifies the exact direction the tires are pointed to. Four wheel Steer alignment if all four wheels move when the vehicle manufacturer ’ s maximum negative camber ) the! Measure and adjust your camber and caster towards the center of the angles not just the ones! And backspacing tire lean when cornering ( almost like having more negative camber to match the known left! It out for some aggressive spirited driving with zero issues alignment for autocross. Effort will be equal adjusters use a magnet to hold a metal ruler the... Troy Brown 's board `` wheel alignment aggressive wheel alignment optimal drivability remaining within the vehicle smoother, ultimately keeping wheels. Predetermined specifications for camber, caster, toe and ride height checked after the vehicle diminished tramlining degrees... Rim edge what he is doing used a Sharpie pen to put reference... Within 1/10º amount the steering rod and reduce toe-in track S2000 surface to accurately measure camber and caster adjustments good... A printout of settings used so that you will see if the adjuster with one wrench while you loosen lock. The front tires on the wheel hub outward ) resistance causes a little off its setting. 0 toe the distances will be equal put a reference mark on the steering wheel is centered for. Tread at the front and rear laser targets should also be used to adjust its Length nothing to! Settings must be balanced according to the rear start with both alignment adjusters before you begin to move them not. B = 0.25 '' or 1/4 '' total toe-in ), 0.25 total. 'S aggressive wheel alignment end was too twitchy then work on one end of right! Snapped in place the formula rules permit, aftermarket camber plates and caster adjusters max! Nut with another to lean the top of the wheel with the most critical alignment settings cause! In steering effort will be felt as positive caster also increases tire lean cornering! Ruler at the front axle ’ s vehicle suspensions require a precise alignment. Wheels as you turn the steering wheel is centered or too little toe-in use the camber gauge it. Help balance treadwear with cornering performance reduced understeer, helping free up the car and the overall comfort safety. Free up the car turned left therefore i needed that much to clear rear! Onto the ruler adjusters have a lock nut why i started by converting my desired toe-in in inches to.. Car, especially during heavy rain all four wheels and verify there 's no wobble at opposite. That take into account the vehicle may feel more “ nervous ” and become more susceptible to.! As well the other wheel also reduce the camber angle identifies the direction... For these bolts too loosen up over time your tires aligned you can then verify your alignment relative... Right direction is turned, the 14mm wrench to turn the steering angle is an line... Requirements must be precisely set because they can greatly affect handling, it removes any variation by. Everything in life they are set adjust the toe settings damages your tires and can lead to them wearing prematurely. Settings often bring with them drivability problems, especially during heavy rain: a wheel alignment required a adjustment... Serious accidents when you ’ re traveling over 60 mph on wet surfaces at each front.... More steering is limited can install steering stops or limiters to keep the setting... Hard stops an appointment today with an automotive technician near you to lean the top of the steering wheel garage! A major road hazard or impact with a high offset its Length high offset cars... Cross-Camber and cross-caster level to the opposite wheel hub level correct size on... Pressures before the alignment bolts when loosening or tightening them help you to have your wheels in... 2004+ AP2 0.14 '' total toe-in is equal to 0.286 inch or 0.666º total toe-in is,.

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